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Capital Investment Properties, LLC, specializes in the acquisition, development, and management of commercial rental properties. Capital provides professional floor space and executive office suites  for doctors, attorneys, professionals and other high profile clients. We also provide efficiency apartments and dormitory lodging for college students.  Capital Investment Properties, LLC, was formed as a collaboration between two leading Southwest Virginia businessmen, Mr. Ervin B. Davis and Mr. Barry Matney.  Both Davis and Matney hold considerable experience in acquisition and development of commercial properties in the Southwest Virginia region. 





Davis and Matney formed Capital Investment Properties, LLC, with the intent of maximizing the significant expertise each held to create a progressive property investment firm, focusing on commercial interests with a customer service vision like no other. Both Davis and Matney recognized that clients seeking both residential and  commercial rental property require accommodations that not only meet their business needs but these properties must also add value to the client's organization.  Giving value is an objective readily met by Capital Investment Properties, LLC.


Ervin B. Davis's business background is in insurance, banking and real estate.  Prior to diversifying into real estate holdings as a core business, Davis's companies, Ervin B. Davis & Company, Inc., and Rehabilitation & Job Placement Services, Inc., were involved in insurance adjusting and vocational work for many years.  Davis also served on the Board of Directors of a local bank for several years and as chairman of both the bank and its parent holding company's boards.  Harnessing his banking experience and understanding of the business needs of corporate clients, Mr. Davis founded Liberty Mortgage Brokers, LLCDavis was very active at the onset in the downtown Richlands, Virginia, revitalization program and through the development of his company's own real estate property has been instrumental in the success of the revitalization program.

Barry Matney is a regional businessman with experience in the mining, restaurant, and commercial property industries.  A native of Buchanan County, Virginia, Mr. Matney has continuously worked to develop new opportunities for the Southwest Virginia region.  Mr. Matney holds several business interests in the Tazewell County area, providing jobs and community support to the region.




Richlands and Claypool Hill, Virginia, are located in Tazewell County, in the far Southwestern portion of the state. The county is growing at a substantial rate.  Capital Investment Properties, LLC, holds properties primarily in the Richlands and Claypool Hill areas of Tazewell county.






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