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We work diligently with tenants to tailor office space to their express specifications...


Capital Investment Properties, LLC, delivers floorspace solutions that are designed to the exact specifications delineated by our tenants.  We strive to customize our properties and services to meet your needs.


We customize business floorspace solutions with your needs in mind...

Since we invite our client's involvement in planning floorspace solutions, the client's needs are at the forefront.  You have goals...we will help you achieve them!


We focus on client satisfaction and work toward your success...

Your success is our success! Capital Investment Properties, LLC, wants to be a part of your overall plan.  We want to assist you in obtaining the outcomes you expect for your business!  Most importantly, we ensure that our properties are well maintained and efficiently supported by providing sufficient staff and resources.


We focus on your business needs...

All Capital Properties have access to High Speed Data connections through one of our corporate tenants, Time-Warner Communications.  Capital Investment Properties is able to meet all of your High Speed Data needs!


Capital Investment Properties, LLC...Developing the infrastructure for corporate businesses to locate in the Richlands, Virginia, area....working with local authorities for business and economic development.





























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